Bayan Programming Contest

Bayan Programming Contest

Shortcut! Round Terms & Rules

Friday, 29 August 2014، 05:51 AM

Shortcut! Round Terms & Rules

  • Shortcut! round will start at 13:00 UTC, 29 August 2014.
  • Shortcut! round consists of three programming tasks and competitors will have just one hour to solve them.

Solving Problems

  • Competitors may solve problems by any means and are free to use any programming language, library or computational application to solve problems. Given an input file, you should submit a correct output together with the source code used to produce that output within the specified time limit.
  • Not submitting any file during the time limit, will be considered as an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Both input and output formats are crucial. Adhere them precisely to avoid getting solutions judged as wrong.


  • Competitors may not use more than one user account.
  • Competitors may not communicate with each other during the contest.
  • Your output must be reproducible using the source code you provided.
  • All submitted source codes will automatically get analyzed for code plagiarism detection.
  • Cheaters will be banned forever from Bayan programming contests.


  • Do not submit irrelevant clarifications during the contest.
  • The decision of the judges are final in all matters.
  • All source codes of the competitors will be published after each round.
  • Bayan's staffs are not allowed to participate in the contest.

Score Calculation Method

      Score for each solved problem is calculated based on these values:
  • n = No. of accepted submissions
  • t = Contestant's submission time
  • T = Total contest duration
  • p = Number of contestant's wrong attempts
  • 14/08/29