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Bayan Programming Contest

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Thursday, 11 October 2012، 09:10 AM


Bayan Inc. is a software development company working on large-scale web applications. Currently working on a Search Engine, we face serious algorithmic challenges every now and then, and we try to provide solutions using state-of-art techniques, including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc. Salam, being one of its subprojects, is a Meta Search Engine focusing on retrieving relevant results for Persian queries.

We also hold an annual programming event in which talented programmers compete. Problems of the contest are prepared by Bayan employees who have experience of IOI and ACM/ICPC. The previous contest had a wide range of audiences. About 2000 contestants participated in the last year's opening contest.

This year, we have planned to invite participants from other countries as well. The elimination round will be held on Codeforces with ACM/ICPC rules. Top participants are invited to attend the on-site event in Tehran.


  • No age restriction is proposed for the elimination round. However, only participants older than 16 are eligible to take part in the onsite event.
  • No Bayan employee nor their families may take part in the contest.
  • Iranian contestants will advance to the final event in a different process, and thus they are NOT allowed to participate in the Codeforces round.
  • 12/10/11